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Location: Charlottesville, Virginia


When: Projected rally start time is August 12th at 1 p.m. with meet-up time at 11 a.m. Plan to arrive on August 10th for the start of weekend activities.


Reminder: DO NOT go directly to Lee Park. The Rally Point will be announced prior to the event, on this site and via email update.


Alternate location: Lafayette Square in front of the White House.


 1. Be available in the Charlottesville/ Washington DC area on both August 11th and 12th. We may   do a meetup the day before the rally.

 2. DO NOT go directly to Lee Park on August 12th. It is not safe to go there alone and we need   everyone to communicate this to their friends. Closer to time we will announce a rally point   where we can meet up with police before the rally and go in together.

  3. Bring either an American or Confederate flag to the demonstration. No other flags are       allowed.

 4. If there is any problem with the permit or safety, including police stand down, our alternate   location will be Lafayette Park at Washington DC in front of the White House. This location is 2   hours distance from Charlottesville.

 5. Bring transportation to travel between Charlottesville and Washington DC whether this is your   personal vehicle or a rental. We will try to bring additional buses and vans for transportation. If   you have extra space, please give rides to others.

 6. DO obey the law at ALL times.

 7. Take bathroom breaks at approved times. We don’t want you getting separated.


 8. Our preference is that you come prepared to demonstrate in TWO RALLIES: Charlottesville and   Washington DC. Try to factor in a late Sunday night into your travel arrangements. You may   want to book your return flight for Monday, August 13th.


 9. DO NOT bring unapproved items. This will include weapons, shields, etc as well as “racist”   symbols. This is a White Civil Rights rally, not a street fight or an anti-(fill in an ethnic group   here) rally.


 10. DO have a high expectation that you should not have to go into a dangerous situation where   law enforcement has not done their job. No one should have to fight through a mob of armed   Communists to enter a public park and express their Constitutional rights.