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Here is a listing and sources of proof of the Antifa violence which antagonized much of the negative events at last years rally.

Antifa starts violence on August 11th by throwing a bombs or firecrackers into the crowd (22:43) (23:50)

Baked Alaska Slapped (0:40)

Antifa Beating Van with a Stick (1:25:40)

Blocking entrance to Lee Park from the street and attacking UTR demonstrators (3:34)

Alex Tokes attack on Ron Sheehy (11:23)

Don Gathers Stick Attack (1:31)

Corey Long Flamethrower attack

Corey Long Assaults Harold Crews

Rachel Myles Attack on Harold Crews (6:42)

Rachel Myles attacks Richard Hamblen (6:45)

Mob Beatdown in Justice Park (Dropbox file: ‘Antifa Mob Violence in Jackson Park’)

Deandre Harris Attack on Harold Crews

Baked Alaska Blinded by Hydrochloric Acid (3:44)

Richard Spencer Pepper Sprayed:

Throwing smoke grenades into Lee Park (2:19)

Mob attack on Daniel Ferguson

Dwayne Dixon and Redneck Revolt chased cars with guns (1:31:38) and

James Fields car hit with wooden stick

Cantwell pepper sprayed 4 times in 2 days (1:15)

TWP member hit with water bottle (1:28)

Hit with Urine or Bleach (1:36)

Antifa throwing unidentified object into Lee Park (2:56)

Antifa Attacks InfoWars Reporter (0:59) Shoots Pepper Spray (1:23) Throws water balloons filled with urine, feces, mace and paint (2:40), Pepper spraying UTR activists as they’re forced out of the park into a gauntlet (4:55)

Paint substance covers a police car (2:39)

Antifa Punches The Hill reporter Taylor Lorenz (0:15)

20/20 Special; Antifa Beats a demonstrator with a picket sign that says “NO! The Trump Pence Regime Must Go!”(27:28) Donald Blakney Stick Attack (27:34)

Antifa Woman Jumps on League Member and gets pulled off (0:05) Antifa Pepper Spray (0:25)

Communist beats UTR demonstrators with a Singapore Cane as they’re forced to leave the park (3:00) Antifa uses flag to attack (3:27)

Antifa hits Will Fears with a flag pole (0:33) using open flames in the street (0:44)

Antifa attacks from behind with umbrella (0:53) UTR demonstrators beaten and pepper spray as they’re forced to leave the park (1:52)

Sean Liter Attacks with Sticks in Each Hand (13:33) An Antifa swings a weapon over the barricade (13:41)