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UTR2 Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Subject: Jason Kessler, the organizer for last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia will be holding a the UTR2 event in Lafayette Park Sunday, Aug 12 at 4pm.
Mr Kessler says he’s holding the event for a second year because:

“The Charlottesville government has gotten away with criminal civil rights abuse for almost a year without the truth being brought to the American public. Although denying a “stand down” caused the chaos that led to riots, injury and death last year they were exposed in an Independent Review by former federal prosecutor Tim Heaphy. It revealed the police chief’s plan to, “Let them fight so we can declare an unlawful assembly.”
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“And what was the intolerable message that Charlottesville turned their city into a warzone to keep from the public? That white Americans deserve the same rights and protections everyone else is afforded.

“We live in a time where whites will be a minority in the United States and Europe by 2050. We’re facing declining life expectancy, epidemic levels of suicide, depression and opioid addiction. There’s a spiritual crisis effecting white Americans who’re told to be ashamed of their history, culture and identity. While our history is removed from public life we’re replaced through mass immigration policies. In countries like South Africa, white minorities are butchered in genocides greeted by the international media with cold indifference.

“Despite this we’re still told we’re the only group which cannot organize politically. If we do it’s “supremacy” but for everyone else it’s “civil rights”. Like black civil rights leaders before us our activists are threatened, intimidated and attacked in the streets by masked vigilantes. If it was wrong for the KKK to do it then, it’s wrong for Antifa to do it now.

“We live in a time in which the president can talk about policies helping black and brown Americans but never how they help whites. It’s taboo to even mention us. But this is a new era. The past is not an excuse for suppression of white political activism. We reject hate but demand a seat at the table in the national conversation on race.”
For more information contact Jason Kessler at (434) 996-5567, via email at [email protected] or on the web at